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Women's Knit Cardigan

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Women’s cardigans

One of the most convenient, comfortable yet trendy things a lady can have in her wardrobe is a cardigan. What’s not to love? An additional warm layer in winter and autumn-time, the perfect amount of coverage for those almost-hot spring days where a jacket is a little too much, and the best thing to put on during those warmer summer evenings!

If you’re looking for neutral tones to wear over a more casual outfit, opt for a cosy beige, brown or grey cardigan, and if you’re looking for ways to brighten up your look, dive into the deep and rich red, purple and blue tones. The great thing about cardigans is that you can do the buttons up or leave them completely open, depending on what you are wearing underneath and how warm you wish to feel. If you simply can’t decide whether to do it up or not, then consider just fastening the middle button. Not only is it quite trendy but it’ll give you a sense of decisiveness when you’re actually not sure how you feel! 

Cardigans can be worn underneath a jacket, hidden away, simply there for extra comfort and warmth. Their woollen textures are great for buffing out your layers when your main jacket isn’t as thick as it might need to be to combat the cold. Alternatively, you can also see there are longer cardigans which go all the way down to your knees (and beyond). Longer cardigans look stunning with trendy jeans and boots, or work conveniently with dresses and skirts.

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