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Women's Coats - New Zealand

If you’re looking for a stylish coat to finish off your outfit in a smarter way, look no further than our women's coat collection. Made with varying textures and thicknesses, our coats will keep you toasty warm with class.  Sometimes it’s nicer to wear a hat instead of a hood, and a scarf to match, and that’s precisely why our coats give you more room to accessorise.  What’s more, the collars on our selection of coats are bigger and more dynamic than with jackets, and will complete your look nicely.

Another great thing about our winter coats is their stylish practicality. They’re made with strong yet soft materials to provide long-lasting comfort, so you won’t have to worry about it withstanding the colder temperatures winter can hit you with.  Even better, when you don’t fancy carrying a handbag around with you all day - or getting your hands cold, our coats are a winner with their subtle pockets, ensuring you have somewhere to stash your keys, wallet and phone.

So, when might we need a coat?  If you’re heading to a wintry formal occasion, going shopping and know you’ll be in and out of the stores along the street, or heading to a family mid-winter Christmas dinner, they’re the perfect addition.  Rug up in classic colours this winter with one of our timeless women’s coats.

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