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Women's Vests

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Women's Vests

Just about every season (maybe not summer, though) has room for a vest. Vests are not only really convenient in changeable or cooler weather, but they’re lightweight and easy to pack away when no longer needed. Our range of vests are designed for exceptional comfort, and to be durable, withstanding any weather nature throws at you. It’s easy to opt for classic black or grey options when it comes to layering up, but to this we say no! Bring the colour to any occasion and lighten up the space. Blues, purples, rouge and berry tones will highlight the warmth you feel beneath the surface of the cosy materials.

Vests look great with any outfit, too. Don’t think their only use as an extra layer. If the weather warms up a little while you’re out and about, unzip your vest and it becomes a sleeveless cardigan! Alternatively, wear multiple layers beneath your vest to warm your arms and you can create your own personalised, colour-contrast jacket. Whether you’re into fleece, quilt or knit, you’ll be covered! In spring, the weather can be a little temperamental as it starts to warm up for summer. Sometimes it’s a little too warm for a jacket, but a vest would just about to the trick when it comes to warming your core - without compromising on style!

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