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Women's Pants & Shorts

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Women's Pants and Shorts

Our summer pants made of linen material are a classic go-to and a season 'must have' if you’re looking for something trendy, multi-purpose and comfortable, that will also keep you cool enough as the temperatures soar. If you’ve been looking for linen fabric online for your summer (or even winter) wear, look no further.  

Our linen-viscose blend pants are designed to fit quite loosely, to enable your body to breathe in summer and be layered up more in winter - this is one of the biggest linen perks. The plain linen blend pants are more fitted and somewhat more formal, allowing more room for versatility.

If you’re heading to the office, why not wear some gorgeous heels with a loose blouse tucked in slightly at the front of your linen pants? That’s if the boss is fine with you adding a bit of a casual flair or spin to the usual office wear. Of course, adding some jewellery or a simple silky scarf will jazz up your style and maybe give your outfit an extra dose of colour where needed, too.

Let yourself be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding your favourite style, too. If you’re in love with linen and all it brings to your wardrobe, but are more of a dress kind of lady, we also have some gorgeous linen dresses that will suit you perfectly. Everyone needs a dose of linen in their wardrobe, so why not experiment with colours, patterns and styles today!

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