Women's Capri Pants

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Women's Capri Pant

Capri pants are another must-have for those of you who love being creative with your looks, and being bolder with shoe choices! Even the name ‘capri’ sounds a little exotic. Their shorter length means you often have most of your ankle - and perhaps lower-calf on show, so to some, it makes them feel ‘short’. We really believe it all comes down to the shoes. For sandal lovers, capris could be your ultimately ticket to buying yourself endless pairs. Not only do sandals look snazzy and classy with everything, they also elongate your legs and bust the myth that capris might not be the most flattering in the pants family. Ankle boots are also a great finishing touch, and of course you can play around with tops to your heart’s desire.

It doesn’t stop there! Check out the stunning range of colours, tones, patterns and textures available. From poppy prints, to rustic denim, to patched denim, to smart, single-tone (ranging from black, to teal, to red) pants. Imagine the amount of fun you could have when it comes to finding the best shoes, tops and jackets to compliment your capris. They’re great for work, family shindigs, shopping trips, casual get togethers, and formal occasions, so what’s not to love? Fashion is about expressing yourself and having fun with styling your everyday looks - so make sure you don’t look past having a pair (or three) of capris in your wardrobe.

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