All Year Round Style

Part and parcel of the stunning New Zealand countryside is the eclectic Kiwi weather! It's our role to ensure you always look your best no matter the conditions - visit Ballentynes Fashion Central online or in-store for all year round style. 

Elegant Autumn

With Autumn comes the cool breeze of winter yet to come. The change of season brings the return of earthy colours, muted but rich tones reflecting the change in nature around us. It is not yet the time to retire your light weight summer dresses but instead to introduce items that make the transition from summer to autumn seamless.

Add stockings to summer dresses and introduce knee high and ankle boots, with a thin knit cardigan over the top. Pop crop jeans under kaftan tops and team up with chunky necklaces and denim jackets.

A layered-up winter look

When the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, there’s no better fashion-feeling than being wrapped up in cosy warmth - and that means we have even more room to play around with style.

A classic combination is denim jeans (bootcut and skinny are classic favourites, but all kinds of cuts and shapes are emerging constantly!), t-shirts (any length sleeve, but usually long or mid-length), a cosy knit jersey or cardigan, a jacket or coat, topped off with a scarf and a hat.

Long viscose wrap pants with a bright cotton and chiffon blouse, finished off with a simple scarf, boots and neat accessories would look great, too!

Spring has sprung

We are all familiar that when it comes to spring, we can expect all seasons in one day. With that in mind when creating an all year round wardrobe is that the layers remain but are now thin knits of merino wool teamed up with midi-length skirts or dresses in a beautiful print overlaid with a lighter weight jacket or coat.

Swap the winter boots for a timeless pair of flats or white sneakers to welcome in the longer days. Store the winter beanie and replace with a wide-brimmed fedora and when it comes to scarves try a thinner weight in a colour that, when positioned next to your skin, will bring out the colour of your eyes as well as complimenting your outfit.

Blissful summer stunners

Skirts and dresses are undoubtedly super popular go-to items in summer. Opting for knee or mid-thigh length dresses will keep you cool with sandals and loose shawls, sunnies and a shoulder bag to finish off the outfit.

Alternatively, good old fashioned capris, singlets or tees, a trendy lightweight jacket around your waist and some casual sneakers will set you up for any day out.


Wardrobe Management

Enjoying your clothes shouldn’t stop once you’ve worn your outfit and your wardrobe should be a creative and rewarding space. You want your wardrobe to invite you in and leave you inspired daily to wear clothes that leave you feeling comfortable, look classic and enhance confidence.

Think about the hangers you use and how they should extend the life of your clothes. Slightly thicker padded hangers are great for allowing certain items like jackets, blazers and coats to hang beautifully and gives them the space to hang properly.

Thin hangers that are covered in thin velvet material are wonderful for hanging trousers and not getting a line across the fabric. Having one uniform style of hanger also reduces the ‘hanger wrestle’ if you have a fuller wardrobe and having a hanger for each item actually reduces the amount of ‘bulging’ of clothes.

Adding a small pouch of lightly scented potpourri to the back of your wardrobe can give your wardrobe a beautiful smell which enhances the experience of your clothes and helps keep away the moths. Do you have a dark wardrobe? Invest in some strip lighting to bring light to the smallest and darkest of spaces and improve your use of every item of clothing you own.

Taking the time to truly invest in the storage and functionality of your wardrobe ticks both the fun and creative element of your clothes whilst increasing your practical daily use.

Be inspired to ‘shop’ in your own wardrobe by rotating your clothes every once in a while and find that hidden gem lurking in the back. Turn your wardrobe into a loving space and enhance the joy you find in your clothes!

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