Denim for Spring

Denim for Spring

Take a look through our gorgeous denim range to see how creative and versatile they can be, and find the pair that will flatter you, no matter your shape or size. Make it your go-to piece.



A creative re-invention of a classic.

Don’t go thinking jeans just come in a simple blue! We’ve taken the reigns of colour and played around in our denim range so that you can be creative and bold with your look.

In spring, neutral, rustic tones always look gorgeous against the backdrop of blue skies and greenery, so grab yourself a pair of our white, pink or olive green denim jeans with an elasticated waist - without the hassle of buttons and zips.


Similarly, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black jeans. They’re the most versatile and can be worn in a multitude of situations. If you like playing around with length (especially when the sun comes out), gaze at yourself looking gorgeous in our Capri-style jeans and cropped jeans!

The awesome thing about capris and crops is that they leave more room for you to show off your shoes! Sandals, sneakers or boots, your options are endless.


We also love playing around with prints. Our denim jeans also feature some beautiful prints and stripes to give your look a little bit extra dynamism. Whoever said denim jeans were just simple and plain, were wrong!


Whether you go for slim-leg, bootleg, flared or classic straight leg jeans, you’ll find a variety to choose from at Ballentynes Fashion Central. So don’t be afraid to add a little fun to your denim collection this season, in fresh, classy styles that are ultimately timeless!

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