Embrace Ageless Fashion

Fashion today is all about falling in love with the clothes and pieces that reflect your personality and make you happy. The idea that as we get older we lose the ability to wear certain clothes, cuts or colours is falling to the wayside with grandparents and teens buying the same outfits from the same shop - although perhaps styling them differently!

Today’s fashion is ageless and our incredible range of clothing and accessories makes that happiness available for you.

At Ballentynes Fashion Central, in store or online, we have got you covered for practically every occasion whether you’re heading to a fancy dinner, going for a day walk, relaxing at home, being a guest at a wedding, going out with your friends and everything in between.

Sprucing Up Your Wardrobe

Jeans and t-shirts, skirts and blouses, dresses and boots - they are all outfits that we put together easily, knowing they will never go out of style. But every now and then, it’s fun and exciting to jazz up your wardrobe with some new combinations. Women’s clothing is so dynamic - it’s a wasted opportunity not to play around with fashion pieces!

For example, instead of opting for the usual fitted sized clothing, change things up with an oversized jersey or knitwear tucked in at the front of a pleated knee-length skirt. Complete your outfit with bold earrings and some neat sneakers making sure to french tuck in the jersey a little bit at the front for style that will carry you through the day!

Contemplate the power of colour in your wardrobe and challenge the status quo of perfectly blended items. Whether styling around a single piece of colourful clothing or pairing multiple colours together, feel confident in your choice and add energy into your outfit. Pair a coloured denim jean with a pair of white sneakers and a coloured t-shirt that compliments both each other and also enhances your skin tone and brings youthfulness to your outfit.

Why not blur the line between smart and casual by sporting a leather-look jacket over a casual knit jersey, with a collared shirt as your primary layer? Pair up with ponti pants or printed capris, then decide between old school sneakers, ankle boots or classic sandals!

Boots are always a woman’s best friend. Not only do they go with practically anything, but a good pair of leather boots will see you through wet days feeling super cosy and comfortable.

A great way to spruce up your wardrobe and create alternative outfits is to get yourself different styles of boots. Knee-high, mid-calf, ankle boots - the choices each add something unique and fun to your outfits. 


Style High

Buy clothes that will flatter your body shape.

Do you have a slightly shorter leg or a longer body? Pairing high waisted ankle-length trousers with a longer jacket or blazer cinched in at the waist give the illusion of legs that go on for miles.

Skinny jeans work wonders on women with a tapered leg and dainty ankle, jeans with a slight flare out at the ankle even out those with slightly thicker calves and add proportion to the hip. 

Understanding your body shape can do wonders in the wardrobe especially when investing in those timeless pieces that you want to wear always and last forever.

Curvaceous styles

For a while, finding the same styles of clothing in bigger sizes has been something of a challenge, but Ballentynes Fashion Central has turned this around. Women’s bodies should be celebrated, no matter their size, stature or shape. 

Everyone is unique, and that’s precisely why all of our women’s clothing is tailored to fit different body shapes across the board.

We are very proud of our plus-size collection which has an extensive range, from bold prints to more mellow tones, in both casual and occasional wear. Play around with accessories to accentuate your look and make the colours pop even more.

Short, extra short or tall

Finding the best fit in the same styles of particular clothing has proven to be tricky for women of smaller builds and shapes.

Ballentynes Fashion Central continues to champion equality of all women's body shapes and sizes with our petite range, featuring ‘short’ and ‘extra short’ length pants - designed and tailored in a way that keeps proportions intact and maintains the same style medium height women can wear.

And, on the opposite end of the grid, we have ‘tall’ pants for the taller women out there who find the same issues when buying pants.

Our coloured denim jeans are available in a range of colours and to fit all heights -  a perfect addition to any wardrobe and once you find a style that fits you perfectly. Having more than one in a variety of colours ensures your seamless transition through the seasons.

Sleeves or no sleeves?

Depending on the time of year, deciding on whether to wear long sleeves, short sleeves or even sleeves at all is a valid question. There’s so much opportunity for layering that sometimes we can put a long-sleeved tee underneath a singlet, and a vest over the top before putting on a proper jacket.

Dresses come with all kinds of sleeve lengths with variations readily available - anywhere from halter necks, to straps, to half-sleeves or even three-quarter length sleeves - are ready-to-go options for you.  Whatever your preference, know that Ballentynes Fashion Central has what you need!

Power up your accessories

Accessories can be a powerful tool when styling an outfit and a few key pieces can truly enhance your look. Belts are a great way to change up an outfit, whether used for functionality on a pair of trousers or used to add definition to your waist over the top of a dress.

Scarves are a perfect accessory to see you through all seasons whether a chunky knit for winter or a thinner weight for spring. The key to the perfect scarf is choosing a colour and pattern that enhances your outfit and when positioned next to your face reflects radiance, luminosity and youthfulness in your skin.

Accessories are your all-year-round must haves and are an investment to your wardrobe.


For the summer season invest in a piece of swimwear that fills you with confidence and makes you excited to wear. Think prints and colour that flatter your skin tone and combine that with structure and support to ensure you can head to the beach with confidence.

With a range of styles to suit all body shapes and sizes available, try on a variety of pieces to ensure the one you choose is going to make this summer one to remember as well as the next.

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