Fabrics & Fashion Functionality

As fashion retailers we're fluent in fabric language, especially when it comes to the function of helping you look good and feel comfortable at the same time. Here's a feel for some of the types of fabrics you'll find in our stores.



New Zealanders love their wool! It’s one of our favourite winter fashion materials and something we love to incorporate into our collections. Wool is great at trapping in that toasty warmth you need in the wintertime and is such a versatile look that you can dress it up to the nines or keep it super casual in equal measure.

Merino wool works wonders on a summer evening when the heat leaves the day and you reach for a shrug or cardigan to see the evening through. Our collection of Knitwear is available in a variety of fabrics to ensure that you find the perfect piece for you. 

Linen & linen blends

We’re raving fans of linen and linen blends. It’s a material that quickly took the fashion world by storm and was celebrated by many when they saw just how versatile and cool it was. Dresses, culottes, shirts - linen is a well-loved material that is perfect for all kinds of outfits and occasions (especially in the summer!).

Perfect all year round, our linen dresses with their beautiful necklines, selection of prints and colours, and varying lengths, look great with added layers for the cooler months and on their own for summer.


Ahh, denim. A long-time love of practically every woman. Jeans are the standard item of women’s clothing that comes to mind, but even with jeans, the kinds of styles available are plentiful. Wearing double denim is a style to embrace with denim jackets fashioned over a simple t-shirt or thin knitwear.


These days for women’s clothing, leather is not often an easily sourceable material, but when it comes to shoes and boots, you can say a big hello! The benefits of leather shoes are invaluable. Not only do they last a heck of a long time, but they keep you comfortable, dry, and able to withstand hours on your feet!

Faux-leather or Leather-look

A material that is very much sought after when it comes to maximising classic, timeless trends without breaking the bank! Our leather-look jackets are known for their bright colours - differing from the standard go-to black options seen in many other retail outlets.

Be bold and beautiful in leather-look jackets, as they carry you from the office to that dinner party! One of our favourite things about these jackets is also their durability, which is key for something so snazzy that you want to wear it all the time.


With viscose (or rayon) you get fashion go-to’s that provide a flowy, luxurious feel to your outfit, at great value. Most commonly seen in our tank tops, cami’s, tees and tunics, it’s the perfect blend of comfort and style, providing durability no matter the occasion and consistency of wear. Viscose is naturally soft, which means it’s your best friend when it comes to layering up in wintertime, too! 


You’ll often see Acrylic on the label of many jerseys and jumpers. It’s known as a lower-price and more versatile yarn and is excellent for mixing vibrant colours with complex styles.


You can’t go wrong with cotton. It’s the most common material when it comes to t-shirts and blouses. In the summertime, many of our dresses are cotton or cotton-based, which ensures comfort and coolness in the heat. It’s not often an item will be 100% cotton, but you can almost guarantee durability wherever it is present.

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