Festive and Fanciful

The Christmas period is full of exciting occasions - office parties, family gatherings, days out with friends, shopping, barbecues and dining out - so it’s important to feel well-dressed for these occasions.

You can’t go wrong with white and silver! Hinting at the classic winter wonderland vibes at the same time as reflecting the sunlight which will keep you cool in the summertime.  For festive parties or gatherings, this gorgeous outfit featuring a unique foil top and pleated skirt is perfect and would look even better matched with a sling bag and elegant earrings.

For something dimensional and different, check out this classy layered high-low dress with a V neckline. Paired with a simple hat in the daytime or floral hair clip in the evening, this look would stylishly see you through those more formal events. To add even more elegance, a pair of heels would work perfectly to finish off your look.

Now, for the brighter tones! Red is the colour that jumps to mind when we think of Christmas, and we’ve got the perfect red pieces just for you.

How do you feel about necklines with dresses? Are you a fan of a more drooping neckline, something more high-rise, or a happy medium? 

Check out our range of knee-length dresses -



a super chic addition to any wardrobe. Floral dresses? We've got you covered till the knees! Our knee-length dresses are a super chic addition to your wardrobe.

The great thing about floral dresses (or any pattern) is that you can pick a colour within the design, and get yourself a handbag in that colour to make it pop! Tassel necklaces or even hats are also great ways to build on your desired style.


You will have come across our culottes range, but the festive season is the perfect opportunity to grab yourself a pair! They’re great pants to wear in the heat due to their loose fit and below-the-knee cut, and they are dynamic enough to wear in both formal and casual occasions, so check out our plisse / pleated culottes to suit any Christmas get-together.

What look are you after this festive season? Whether your calendar is filled with days out, evenings in or various gatherings, Ballentynes Fashion Central is your one-stop-shop for all of your go-to outfits this Christmas.

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