Style your Culottes

Style your Culottes

Culottes are taking over the fashion world by storm. A versatile garment that works in any scenario, if you don’t already own a pair, maybe it’s time they make an appearance in your wardrobe!

Linen Culottes Culottes

Now, you might be thinking that culottes would make you look shorter due to their unusual length.

It’s true they are a unique shape and create a different type of silhouette, but to add some extra height, choose an ankle-length culotte and wear them with a semi-fitted top tucked in to highlight your curves. Small heels will lift your posture too! Showing off your ankle will balance your look. 

Skinny pants are the standard go-to for almost every occasion. Why not swap them out for some gorgeous easy-breezy culottes this spring? Dress them up with a vibrant, perhaps fitted shirt that compliments your figure, and tuck in the shirt just at the front for a little bit extra dynamism.

Of course, if you’re keen to keep the ‘flow’ going throughout your outfit, don a baggy blouse or oversized tee for a slightly more hip and trendy vibe.

formal culottesCulottes

If you’re wondering whether these pants can be worn in the office, the answer is a sweeping yes!

Neutral tone tops and contrasting shoes can make you stand out among the rest of your colleagues who are probably wearing pencil skirts and full-length pants. Accessories never go amiss over a simple, crisp-collared shirt or blouse. 

Linen CulottesCulottes

If you want a new look for the weekend,  pair your culottes with t-shirts or casual tunics for something a bit more low-key. Finish the outfit with some white sneakers and a cropped jacket and be ready to take on the day with style. If you want to step your creativity up a notch, pair your culottes with bright colours, prints, and ruffles.

The choices are endless. 

Bocy Top and culottes

If you want to get whisked up into a classic Bohemian style, consider grabbing yourself a selection of boxy tops. Their shapeless, slightly oversized cut will add a touch of difference to your outfit and give you more room to play with accessories such as long necklaces or silky scarves.

Pants with pockets are invaluable items of clothing to have in our wardrobes, but when it comes to culottes, as they are already wide-cut, avoid ones with pockets to reduce adding extra bulk - particularly if you’re wearing an oversized top. You might be thinking they’re too baggy and will welcome unwanted drafts in the cooler seasons, but you’d be mistaken!

The greatest thing about culottes is the fact that neutral stockings can be worn underneath as an additional layer of warmth when the weather is slightly on the chilly side. Culottes look amazing with a variety of styled tops, blouses, shoes, and jackets, and will inspire your sense of style in new ways.

Pants can be the hardest thing to jazz up! Sometimes we get stuck in the routine of wearing our jeans or smart casual pants, day in, day out. Now’s the time to change your fashion game with one of the most versatile, unique and attractive pants you can find on the shelves … culottes!

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