What’s your Denim fit!

Find your fit!

The hard-wearing cotton-based fabric we know as denim has certainly evolved over the years.  It’s no longer limited to just workwear, jeans or even only blue!  Denim is for all year round –and is now available in so many colours and styles there’s something to suit everyone.

What’s your length?   There’s a variety of lengths in denim jeans available at Ballentynes Fashion Central with a fit to suit every height.  We have an Extra Short Length jean with an inside leg measurement of 68cm, a Short Length at 72cm, and our Regular Length jeans with a measurement of 78cm.

What’s your style?   Whatever your length, it’s fashionable to roll up your pant leg a little to highlight your summer footwear. There are also other denim jean styles – such as the classic capri, mid-calf jeans and denim shorts for the height of summer.   

What’s your colour?  This season our denim range has new beautiful soft colours – such as sage, pink and coral - as well as classic blue, black and white denim.   We all need to have a blue or black jean as a staple in our wardrobe – plus a new season colour to give yourself a new favourite look!  Use your denim to highlight a print top, or simply make your denim colour your statement!

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